Thank you for considering a tax-deductible contribution!

Your gift has the power to help the NHCC provide programming and exhibitions for over 280,000 people a year, many of which are children, and also to preserve and grow our visual arts, history and literary arts collections.

While the NHCC is a state institution, it receives no public funding for its programs or exhibitions, and depends wholly on the generous support of donors like you for the events, exhibitions and collections that make its 20-acre campus a beloved cultural home for so many New Mexicans and New Mexico visitors.

Performing Arts Program

Performing Arts Program enables the NHCC to continue to bring an incredible array of theater, music and dance performances to New Mexico, while also allowing the NHCC to make these performances accessible to New Mexico school children and low-income families.


Visual Arts Program

Visual Arts Program and Museum enables the acquisition of artwork and the presentation of dynamic artwork through exhibitions – thereby supporting the artists whose work is acquired and exhibited.

The Visual Arts Program supports many lectures, artists tours, interactives and workshops for all ages in conjunction with its exhibitions. In addition, your donation can be restricted to specifically support the acquisition of a particular piece of artwork, helping to grow the NHCC Art Museum’s collection. Currently, the NHCC Art Museum is working to raise funds to acquire an incredible piece, “A Nomad’s Heart” by Las Cruces artist Zeke Pena who has strong roots in both Dona Ana County and Mexico.


Education Programs

The NHCC’s Education programming provides motivating and meaningful opportunities to nearly 30,000 children a year as well as free events each month that highlight Hispanic culture and history. These opportunities are manifested through school day events, family events, community programming, summer youth institutes, and teacher training.

Your gift to support the NHCC’s educational programming would directly allow the NHCC to serve more children and their families through these many offerings.


History & Literary Arts

The NHCC’s History and Literary Arts Program, Library and Genealogy Center provides a rich repository and resource for information about the history of Hispanic/Latino/Chicano families from throughout the United States. In addition, the archives provide a critical validation to the Hispanic community that their stories are worthy of preservation for generations to come.

Your gift to the NHCC’s History and Literary Arts Program would allow it to expand the reach of its adult and children book readings, history lectures, and literature and historical holdings in its library and archives.