Thank You to Our Business Compadres for Their Membership

Business Membership to the National Hispanic Cultural Center will allow your business access to one-of-a-kind experiences, special discounts, and curated communications that will keep you in the know on the NHCC’s 700 events a year and the thousands more made possible through the art museum, library and genealogy center.

Further, your membership will also directly contribute to the NHCC Foundation’s capacity to support these very events and experiences.

In addition to the Core Member Offerings, Business Compadres also receive:

  • Unlimited admission to the NHCC Art Museum
  • Member preference for NHCC trip destinations
  • Discount of 10% at La Tiendita, the NHCC Foundation gift store
  • Discount of 25% off Institute Cervantes’ Spanish Classes
  • Discount of 10% at Pop Fizz Paleteria, located at the NHCC
  • Automatic, night-of seat(s) upgrade to NHCC performances, subject to availability
  • Monthly communications about NHCC happenings and invitations to special events
  • Public recognition in NHCC Membership newsletters and website
  • Core benefits for up to 3 individuals
  • 2 curated offerings (invitations to events: Social, Familia, Insider, Learner)
  • $500 facility rental credit
  • Up to 20 NHCC Art Museum admission passes

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